A diverse group of people walk from famous ancient buildings towards a futuristic cityscape under vibrant sky."
"The Prologue and the Promise" by Robert McCall

Hi there!

I’m Ky-Cuong Huynh! Welcome to my personal blog and newsletter, where I write about how things work, how they break, and how to make them better. During the week, I'm a software engineer. On the weekends, I can usually be found reading/writing/cooking indoors and at a triathlon or climbing/backpacking/skiing outdoors. I'm also certified as a Wilderness EMT, Open Water Diver, and Level 1 Freediver.

For the curious, “Ky-Cuong” is my first name and pronounced “key-coon” as in a “key to open a cocoon”. “Huynh” is my last name and pronounced “win” as in “win the race”.

For the extra-curious, the painting above is one of my favorite works of art and symbolizes the grand arc of human progress to which I want to contribute. The cover image on the homepage is from Ruslan Bardash on Unsplash. It symbolizes self-transcendence and taking a broader perspective.

Finally, you can also find me on LinkedIn, If you like what I write, you can buy me a coffee. 🤓

On My Mind

Here are some example questions I find fascinating: